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  • Why Malta
Strategic Location Malta

Malta's Strategic Location

 Malta is very strategically located at the heart of the Mediterranean with very close ties to mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The islands are considered the best choice for meetings in a central destination. Malta is also considered an ideal logistical hub due to its excellent air and port infrastructure. This, together with EU membership, makes the country a perfect gateway to the Euro-Mediterranean region and further.

Flights duration to main business hubs

1:15 3:10 2:55 2:55 5:00 2:55 3:00
1:30 3:00 2:55 2:00 4:00 2:30 4:00
2:45 2:45 1:30 3:50 2:15 3:50
  • English and Italian are widely spoken with a good understanding of French, German, Arabic and other languages
  • High professionalism in business support services
  • Economic, political and social stability
  • Valued close economic and cultural ties with neighbouring countries north and south of the island


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